Postcard from Mexico City: A peephole glance at more of her museums

Catholics in Mexico call on Baby Jesus to fulfill many roles, so it should come as no surprise that Museo del Objeto del Objeto, or Museum of the Purpose of the Object, has a Nino de Futball in its collection. We were sad to see soccer memorabilia the focus of its exhibition during our stay, but it certainly was popular amongst chilango families.

This post represents a museum wrap-up from our stay, a rather diverse hodgepodge of snapshots shortchanging the richness of the displays.

The diversity and depth of collections exhibited throughout Mexico City are amazing, yet the architecture of many of the buildings housing them is so stunning it sometimes outshines them.

Postcard from Mexico City: Bloomers trumpeting their presence

The promotional banner appears superfluous with birds of paradise pointing the way to the National Museum of Anthropology. A giant agave attracts attention in the midst of the Aztec ruins of the Templo Mayor adjacent to the zocalo. Trumpet flowers flamboyantly tout their beauty profiled against a royal blue wall in the garden of Casa Luis Barragan.

But, on the practical side as our balcony planters age, I want to remember the simple cinder blocks adapted as containers for succulents in the botanical garden in Chapultepec Park.