Postcard from Bologna, Italy: Some of his students were clueless….

How will the professor be remembered? As a genius plagued by lackluster students or as a pedantic lecturer boring his students to death?

Founded in 1088 and still operating, the University of Bologna is reputed to be the first university in the world. Its professors were considered elevated intellectuals in medieval times, so it was only fitting for their funereal monuments to aggrandize their academic accomplishments. Or did they?

Numerous examples of these memorials are housed in the Museo Civico Medievale. While the carvings are impressive, it is hard to determine whether the expressions on the faces of the students serve as commentaries on the quality of the student body or reviews of the professors’ lectures.

At any rate, with no available, the carved-in-stone critiques were executed way past the drop-course deadlines at the university.

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