How do we sign up to be guinea pigs?

With all the restaurants chef Jason Dady has to run in San Antonio, how in the world can he still find the time to play with his food?  

Ed Tijerina of the San Antonio Express-News was privileged to attend one of Dady’s recent more experimental dinners at Bin 555 employing “molecular gastronomy” in a tribute to the passion of chef José Andrés.  Writer Harold McGee defines molecular gastronomy as the “scientific study of deliciousness.” 

photo by Jennifer Whitney
Jennifer Whitney's photograph from the Express-News of Jason Dady's deconstructed strawberry shortcake, a regular menu item at Bin 555.

Photographer Jennifer Whitney‘s slide show capturing some of the evening’s scientific approaches to cooking makes one eager to sign up as Dady’s guinea pig any time one is needed. 

If only I could have taken Deliciousness 101 to fulfill my science requirement in college instead of struggling through Physics.  Naturally, the only way to engage me in science would be through my stomach.

1 thought on “How do we sign up to be guinea pigs?”

  1. Took a look at the slide show, interesting looking food. It seems like deconstructed dishes and foams are all the rage these days.


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