Teaching Teachers about the River

Arm a teacher with a curriculum rich in content and experience-based activities, and the impact of the lesson is multiplied many times over as the teacher shares it with students.  That is the basis for the San Antonio Conservation Society‘s annual, tuition-free seminar focusing on the built environment. 

River of Dreams, the 2010 seminar led by educator Bill Perryman at the end of February, focused on the history and impact of the San Antonio River.  The new Architecture Foundation of San Antonio partnered with the Conservation Society, a partnership that lent access to the stunning, contemporary offices of the American Institute of Architects San Antonio at Pearl

Following lunch from The Filling Station, Perryman led a walking tour of the Museum Reach focusing on historical landmarks, environmental issues addressed by the construction project, public art, the engineering of the locks and dam and what the project means for the city.  JoAnn Boone of Rio San Antonio Cruises completed the educational experience by contributing a barge ride through the locks…

And while the teachers were not provided with margaritas to test the smooth ascent to the northern stretch of the river, they grasped that the locks fulfilled Ms. Boone’s requisite for successful navigation of cocktail barges to and from Pearl and downtown.

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