An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Fifty-Three

statue of liberty

Above, Statue of Liberty, Detroit Publishing Company, Library of Congress

an ostrich-plumed hat

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Hedda Burgemeister, October 1913

Shivering, Hedda pulls her wrap closely around her as the ship steams toward the harbor. On deck before dawn waiting to spy the welcoming torch held aloft by the Statue of Liberty, she secures a spot by the railing. As the sun rises, people crowd onto the deck, all peering toward the west.

She remembers the trembling excitement she felt the first time she saw Lady Liberty and her own first passage through the long, long lines on Ellis Island. Her sense of anticipation is greater now. Instead of the jittery uncertainty of venturing into an unknown new life, she feels waves of relief flooding over her at the thought of returning. Her emotions upon arriving in Germany two weeks ago pale by comparison.

With her father gone, Germany no longer feels homelike. She enjoyed reminiscing with her German friends from nursing school, but she found herself disconnected this trip. She is American now.

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An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Ten

Above, Peacock Alley merging New York’s Waldorf and Astoria into one luxurious hotel

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Emma Bentzen Koehler, August 1911

“Missus Koehler, I have a telegram for you,” says the clerk behind the desk, before awkwardly sprawling across the counter to lean down and place the envelope in her hands.

“Thank you, young man.”

“Of course, what they neglect to report is anything about the weather. Why in the world would we want to return to San Antonio in August?” Emma asks Sophie Wahrmund.

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