An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Twenty-Five

Above, First Baptist Church before the fire in Fort Worth

an ostrich-plumed hat

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Former Governor Thomas Mitchell Campbell, April 1912

“Fishing. We are in the midst of a heated campaign, and Cone Johnson is sitting in a rowboat dangling his line in the water,” Tom complains to Judge Ramsey. “With a Senate race at stake, he has no business taking on a client the likes of John Sneed. When John’s wife told him she was in love with Al Boyce, John locked her up in the sanitarium in Fort Worth. She was not the insane one, though. But she does drive men crazy. Al bribes a nurse to get her out and absconds with her to Canada, and John remains so lovestruck he has her tracked down and returned to him. Al is charged with engaging in white slavery, yet John is the one enslaving his wife.”

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An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Twenty

joskes dulce mexicano

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Andrew Stevens, March 1912

Mr. K’s hands dance above his desk. “That Leroy Denman is no more than a marionette. George Brackenridge jerks his strings, and he plops right down into the automobile seat next to ventriloquist Tom Campbell’s dummy, Judge Ramsey.”

The Colonel agrees. “If Governor Hogg hadn’t appointed Leroy Denman to the Supreme Court, not a soul would know his name. Yet he struts around town as though he were Le Roi instead of plain old Leee-roy.”

John smiles. “His briefs from the bench were so brief, there’s scarcely a scintilla of evidence he has any sense at all.”

Mr. K grunts. “Ludicrous! Arming those old gray soldiers in Gonzales with push-brooms. Amazing the brooms did not get tangled up with the old Confederates’ canes, sending the whole decrepit lot cascading to the ground like dominos.”

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