An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Ninety

Above, San Antonio Express, October 1917. Note the intimidating list of directors of the Central Trust Company that appears adjacent to the news about Hedda Burgemeister’s bail hearing.

an ostrich-plumed hat

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Hedda Burgemeister, October 1917

Avoiding driving past the main entrances to the courthouse, Rudolph Bremer pulls the carriage up to a side door. His wife Lucile has not let go of Hedda’s hand once since they left their house on Buena Vista Street. Lucile lowers the dotted black veil on Hedda’s hat and squeezes her hand ever more tightly as they disembark the carriage.

“This way, Miss Burgemeister. Missus Bremer,” whispers Mr. Watson. They slip into a dimly lit stairwell, where Mr. Campbell and Mr. Chambers are waiting.

Mr. Watson leans toward Hedda’s ear. “It’s fortunate that your friends picked you up in Austin yesterday. Newspapermen and several deputies were waiting to intercept you at the train station.”

Mr. Chambers clasps her hand. “We must warn you, Judge Anderson’s in foul humor. He remains testy about you missing your original court date and is unappreciative of our efforts to get the original $7,500 bond returned based on technicalities. Legitimate technicalities that they are.”

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