An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Fifteen

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Emma Dumpke, December 1911

My dearest Hedda,

I just finished reading “The Judgment” by Mrs. Mary King. While not fine literature, the tale is compelling because it’s true. A virtuous young woman is virtually sold to a worldly man by her selfish mother, who loves luxury above all else. The brutal, unfaithful man demands she produce an heir. 

Alas! Poor Mr. K will have no heir of his own. But he and Mrs. K generously raise the children of others as though their own. Hettie is the child of one of Mrs. K’s sisters, and Otto and Charles are the sons of Mr. K’s twin brother Karl, now deceased.

Would you decide I’m no longer worthy of friendship if I stoop to read “Luisa of Tuscany?” I fear I cannot resist the gossipy allure of the autobiography of Madame Toselli. I understand König Friedrich August of Saxony pretends the book by his first wife does not exist. 

Sometimes I am frustrated by the lack of diversity in San Antonio’s Carnegie Library. The depressing Charles Dickens is by far the most popular author. The library has thirty copies of “David Copperfield,” and they are all in constant circulation.

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