An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Thirty-Two

Above, “Colonel-dogs for all the men.”

an ostrich-plumed hat

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Andrew Stevens, August 1912

Mountains of mail arrive for Mr. K every single day. Always.

But with Mr. K abroad, Andy agonizes over the piles, trying to determine what letters can wait until his return. What invitations require he pen a simple regret. What should be forwarded to Henry Koehler in accounting. And what should be called to the immediate attention of the Colonel.

If only he could turn to his brother for advice. John would offer it, but Andy fears it would be accompanied by one of those older brother sighs of exasperation. So, instead, Andy frets over each piece of paper. Sorting and resorting. Shifting some things multiple times among multiple piles.

The Colonel enters abruptly, startling him. 

“Andy, time to telegraph the good news to Mister Koehler.”

The Colonel dictates: “Emma needs to polish crystal ball. Stop. More than 60,000 votes off. Stop. Still beat Ramsey seven to one in German counties. Stop. Starr County only gave Ramsey one vote. Stop. Keeping my title. Stop. Colquitt headed for second term. Stop.”

John enters, adding, “Colonel-dogs for all the men. Stop.”


How in the world did someone with so many business interests and political activities pick up and take off for Europe for extended trips in the days before cellphones and email?

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